Who doesn’t want some homemade churros ? Churros with chocolate are one of those snacks or breakfasts that we especially fancy on autumn or winter days and they are the perfect excuse to enjoy and have fun with the children on a tedious rainy afternoon.

At home we always take advantage of Sunday afternoons to make churros  to accompany them with hot chocolate , the smallest of the house put on their boots! And so as not to deceive the older ones too, there is no better plan.

It is a very simple recipe to prepare, and we can also make it for children with an egg allergy . It has very basic ingredients that we will surely have at home, churros are nothing more than a dough based on flour, water and salt, fried in plenty of hot oil and served immediately by sprinkling a little sugar on top.


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Homemade churros recipe


  • 300 g flour
  • 440g of water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • sugar for sprinkling
  • Mild olive oil for frying
  • Kitchen paper (to absorb excess oil)
  • Pastry bag with a thin mouth or churrera

How to make homemade churros

churro dough

  • In a bowl add the flour.
  • In a saucepan, heat the water with the salt, and when it starts to boil, pour directly over the flour all at once.
  • With a wooden spoon we integrate the flour with the water, we will have a very sticky and quite compact dough. 
  • Let this dough rest covered with a kitchen cloth or film for only a few minutes because when it cools it hardens and is more difficult to work with.
  • We introduce the dough in the churrera or pastry bag with a star-shaped nozzle, this step is essential for the churros to come out well, and there is no problem when frying the churros.
ingredients to make homemade churros

How to fry churros

  • We put plenty of sunflower oil or soft olive oil to fry in a pan.
  • We put part of the dough in the churrera  (you can buy it amazon link=”B003E0U6AM» title=”here» /]), in which we will have placed a star disk.
  • We screw and push the plunger. As we push the churro dough comes out through the hole, we cut to the desired size with a knife or with our finger and fry in the oil.
  • Another option if you don’t have much experience with the churrera is to place the dough on a clean and dry surface, make long strips with the churrera and then cut them to the size you want. Then you just have to take them carefully and carefully introduce them into the oil, in this way we avoid the oil splashing on us.
  • We cook over medium heat, the temperature of the oil must be between 195 and 200ºC (we recommend you buy a kitchen thermometer like this one that will be very useful), to get some churros that are golden on the outside and cooked on the inside.
  • Once fried, remove to a tray lined with kitchen paper to absorb excess oil.
how to make churros recipe

How to accompany the churros

Following this recipe you will get churros that are not greasy and very crunchy.

The easiest way is to serve the churros hot , which is when they retain all their flavor and digestibility properties, and sprinkled with sugar , although you can also add some cinnamon to give them a special touch.

Of course, to accompany them, theirs is a good hot chocolate , or, failing that, a good glass of cocoa.

easy homemade churros recipe