Regionally accredited online colleges and universities have detonated in acceptance in the past couple periods. Many offer open registration, offer credit for expert or military knowledge, and permit students to learning at their own pace, creation online programs an attractive alternative to traditional two- and four-year establishments. Depending on the organization, students can study for secondary, bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees, as well as skilled certification. 

Whether you’re planning to complete a degree you started years ago or want to attend for the first time, this guide to online colleges can help you narrow down your options. Some are online extensions of reputable government and public institutions such as Cornell University and University of Massachusetts, while others are only available online. All are locally accredited, the most extensively accepted form of authorization in the United States.

AIU Online

American InterContinental University is a provincially credited college system with six grounds, both in the United States and overseas. Its virtual separation, AIU Online, offers faster secondary, bachelor, and master graduations.

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Online

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences has built its connected package on the asset of practical healthcare disciplines for college graduates. Distance knowledge revolves around a sector system, enabling attendees to earn a master’s graduation in 1.5 years (at the amount of two classes per sector) in Still’s Arizona School of Health Sciences.

Baker College Online

Baker College Online beaks itself as a career-focused college. While the school’s Blackboard system is online 24 hours a day for students to heed to lectures, discuss content, and complete assignments, the school sets regular deadlines for students to become the work complete.

Bellevue University Online

Bellevue University Online offers liberal and professional arts focused programs throughout the year, with access online throughout the day. Students can take classes, discuss lessons, complete research, and earn a degree in their spare time within a specified time frame.

Benedictine University Online

Originally founded as St. Procopius College of Chicago in 1887, Benedictine is now an academically diverse university located in Lisle, Illinois. The online branch offers postgraduate degrees geared towards professionals who are serious about advancing their careers, so the standards of admission and education are equally high.

Boston University Online

When learning at Boston University Online, students can complete the coursework at their own quickness, as long as they meet limits designed to push them along at a satisfactory pace. Dedicated students usually have sufficient time to take two progressions per semester, one progression after the further.

Bryant and Stratton College Online

Bryant and Stratton, a workplace-focused college, has refined more than 150 years of education experience into its online package. Students use software called Top-class to circumnavigate the 7.5-week classes, all conducted in a simulated classroom.

Champlain College Online

While Champlain College Online touts the suppleness it offers in its career-focused online schooling, the college says students should be enthusiastic to donate 13 to 14 hours per week to classes and doing tasks. Distance-learning classes range over six sessions per year.

California University of Pennsylvania Global Online

The California University of Pennsylvania, part of Pennsylvania’s public higher-education organism, launched its Global Online property in 2004. The university bargains a selection of online master’s graduations and certifications as well as two undergraduate plans.

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online

Open only to college graduates, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology Online bargains both a broad syllabus for generalists and the chance to focus on specialism in the field of thinking.

Capella University Online

With over 20,000 students registered and over 100 online grade plans to select from, Capella University is one of the prime for-profit alternate learning colleges in the nation-state. Students may transferal previous credit from college sequences and certification plans.

Eastern Kentucky University Online

Eastern Kentucky offers graduation and permit plans in nearly two dozen fields of education, containing motherland security. EKU was called one of the best online bachelor’s graduation programs by U.S. News and World Report in 2018.

Cambridge College Online

Blended distance-learning cares Cambridge College’s task to reach out to salaried adults. The school offers courses both in-person and online and has subdivision campuses in California, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico.

Charter Oak State College

Charter Oak State College is one of the “big three” non-traditional colleges donation supple graduation completion chances. Charter Oak allows students to make personally-tailored graduations by transporting credits from provincially accredited schools, taking exams, proving life experience, and enchanting online courses.

Fielding Graduate University Online

Fielding Graduate University seeks to charm adults in mid-career for master’s and doctorate plans in the schools of thinking, human and organization development, and educational management and modification.

Franklin University Online

Franklin has a full catalog of scholar majors in applied disciplines such as business and computers, plus a master’s business pathway. Classes are obtainable from 15 weeks in period down to a quick three weeks.

Colorado Technical University Online

Colorado Technical University is a private, for-profit college opened in 1965 to suggestion career-oriented instruction. Students are fortified to attend live lectures that feature online student discussions, but class meetings may also be viewed future.

Gonzaga University Online

The capability to handle two three-credit courses each semester can allow Gonzaga University Online students to make stable growth toward a highly regarded master’s degree. This organization only offers graduate graduation programs in five areas, containing nursing and religion.

Graceland University Global Campus

Graceland University established its simulated global property in 2005, and it’s rapidly becoming the school’s most general educational arm. Graceland focuses its online graduations in business management, healthcare, and schooling.

Herzing College Online

Herzing College Online has made a deep promise to distance knowledge with nearly two dozen scholar graduations and a select choice of master’s degrees in business administration. Its bachelor’s package was predictable as one of the best in 2018 by U.S. News and World Account.

Iowa Central College Online

A two-year school that attentions on providing job services and laying the substance for a bachelor’s graduation, Iowa Central agrees students to complete an assistant degree online in one of seven grounds.

DeVry University Online

DeVry proposals courses skilled by manufacturing specialists to help students recover their service forecasts. Up to 80 credit hours can be moved from succeeding organizations. Secondary and bachelor’s graduations, as well as guarantees, are obtainable in 20 areas of education.

Drexel Online University

Drexel Online is a lesser of Drexel University, a recognized private university college in Pennsylvania. Its simulated plans are aimed principally at employed specialists.

Keiser University campus

Keiser University’s online package caters to students hopeful to rapidly parlay their graduations into improved positions in the staff. Nearly two-dozen secondary and bachelor’s choices, plus three graduate graduations, are available online. They’re aimed at fields that are frequently in high request such as computers, business, and healthcare.


ECornell, a lesser of Cornell University is an online specialized expansion package that offers sequences in a diversity of business fields, counting organization, human resources, finance, and hospitality.

Fort Hays State University Virtual College

Fort Hays State University Virtual College is portion of the Kansas state university system. While this means the timetables and plans are more old-style, it also means the instruction is lower than that of many of its participants. Both scholar and graduate degrees are obtainable.

George Washington University Online

The George Washington University online distance-learning package is a moderately small part of this recognized private university. The online program’s importance is on its wide variability of progress and certificate health science programs, counting a healthcare MBA.

Marist College Online

Marist College focuses its online plans on master’s graduations and degree-completion for scholars. The school’s eCourses are open to capable students everywhere the world.

Kaplan University Online

Kaplan agrees students to transmission credit from prior homework, and also suggestions credit based on specialized work or military knowledge. Students can also take examinations to succeed for academic credit. The university suggestions graduations at the secondary, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, as well as certificate plans, in more than 100 areas of education. In addition, Kaplan suggestions new students a three-week trial old-fashioned when they enroll.

National American University

National American University’s broad program and comprehensive appearance values provide a welcoming platform for maximum students. Attendees must surface the work within the eight- and 11-week sequences. Courses are offered both online and in person in closely 20 cities.

New England College Online

A small liberal arts organization with an elastic admissions procedure, New England College has combined distance learning into the popular of its plans. Its completely online set-up is aimed largely at progress students who tend to be working specialists.

Norwich University Online

Norwich University’s online graduate studies attention on peer communication at a brisk bound. A basic load for students to income is one six-credit meeting all 11 weeks, beating them on pace to whole their master’s in 18 to 24 months.

Rasmussen College Online

With a full menu of associate degrees plus choice decisions for a bachelor’s graduations, Rasmussen College Online plans the program to suit the employed world. Degrees and certificates are offered in seven fields of education.

Saint Leo University Center for Online Learning

Many of Saint Leo’s secondary, bachelor’s and master’s educations are principally aimed at building specialized capability. Students can study online or join classes at one of more than 40 branches universal.

National University

National University is a private, non-profit university system contribution dozens of online plans in adding to courses held on its California precincts. Programs at National University are planned for adult learners with five or more years of work knowledge.

Tiffin University Online

Ohio-based Tiffin University welcomes academics, students who have yet to verify themselves, and recognized adults alike. Its schools of arts and sciences, business, and criminal justice and public sciences make degree chances for distance beginners at the assistant and master’s ranks.

Tulane University Online

A master’s certificate in business package highlights Tulane University’s distance-learning choices. Students get streaming-video speeches from the same facility that teaches at Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business, ranked among the best commercial schools by U.S. News and World Report.

University of Cincinnati Online

The University of Cincinnati launched its distance-learning package in 1984 and offers graduations at the scholar and graduate level, as well as permits. It has been named one of the best online bachelor’s plans by U.S. News and Global Report in 2018.

Northcentral University

With no established class times, Northcentral students effort with a guide to complete homework according to their own timetables. Students may earn bachelors, masters, and doctoral graduations, as well as certificates of teaching in more than 40 areas. Up to 60 credits may be transported.

The New School

The New School is an recognized college with a focus on originality and social justice. Online courses are obtainable at the Parsons School of Design, as well as through the New School of Public Appointment.

Villanova University Online

Villanova offers specialized certificates, scholar, and graduate graduations online. Fields of study include law, business, nursing, engineering, liberal arts, and manufacturing.

Winston-Salem State University Online

Winston-Salem State University often mixtures distance knowledge with other modes of course distribution. However, projects from within North Carolina can finish a flexible bachelor’s graduation totally online. Online master’s degrees are available in health care, some with scientific responsibilities.

Online Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is an established California college contribution attributed online master’s degrees, documentations, and bachelor achievement programs. Degrees can be earned online or through online in-class combined knowledge.

Thomas Edison State College

TESC is known as one of the “big three” colleges that make it suitable for students to assignment previously received credits, receive credit via challenging, and earn credit for life knowledge. Classes are obtainable online and through self-determining study.

University of Massachusetts Online

The University of Massachusetts Online offers virtual gradation programs from appreciated and established old-style colleges. Students can enroll in connected classes from UMass subdivisions in Dartmouth, Amherst, Boston, Lowell, and Worcester.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Online

Online graduate students at Worcester Polytechnic Institution follow the same semester timetable as their on-campus equals. The school’s Advanced Distance Learning Network plans offer graduations in the fields of business, technology, engineering, and fire security.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University is a non-profit simulated college originated by the councils of 19 western states. Unlike most colleges, Western Governors University has no mandatory courses. Instead, students prove their sympathetic through writing projects and tests.