The more temperatures rise, the more my body asks for dishes with fresh tomato . Every time we find tastier tomatoes on the market and luckily there are a thousand ways to enjoy them and enhance their flavor. This sandwich of marinated tomatoes with anchovies and ricotta cheese is perfect for a dinner already with summer aromas, and you just have to remember to let them marinate for a while before assembling the dish.

You can use the cherry tomatoes that you like the most, I have opted for some mini kumato because of their color and pronounced flavor. The bread also depends on personal preferences ; I have a weakness for rye but a ciabatta, baguette or even a muffin would work great. Better to toast it a bit so that the filling juices soften the crumb too much.


For 2 persons

  • Cherry tomato150g _
  • anchovies8
  • capers30ml _
  • extra virgin olive oil50ml _
  • Balsamic vinegar30ml _
  • Ricotta120g _
  • Lemon
  • Rye breadtwo
  • ground black pepper

How to make marinated tomato sandwich with anchovies and ricotta cheese

Difficulty: Easy

  • total timehour
  • Elaborationhour

Start at least an hour before to let the tomatoes marinate, better even longer. Wash and dry well, cut into slices or in half and place in a bowl. Slightly drain the anchovies, chop and add with the capers to the tomatoes. Add a little lemon juice and zest, oil and vinegar , a dash of pepper and mix well. Let stand covered in the fridge.

Open the loaves and lightly toast on the griddle or in the toaster. Drain the ricotta and place a thin layer on the two bread bases. Divide the tomato and anchovy filling and top with a generous portion of ricotta . Add a little of the remaining marinade liquid, black pepper, paprika and lemon zest.

Sandwich Tomato Anchovies Cheese Steps