We love the soft- boiled egg , but sometimes we are a bit lazy to put the water to boil, be aware of the time so that it does not pass us… that is why I tried to make the soft- boiled egg in the microwave and what a success! !

It is very fast, and above all the microwave takes care of counting the time for us. In just a minute and a half we will have a soft- boiled egg perfect for a healthy breakfast .

The perfect soft-boiled egg has a solid white and a liquid and creamy yolk, so it should be eaten inside the shell itself, it is not necessary to peel them, but open the top of the egg and taste it by adding a little salt with a teaspoon.


  • Microwave soft boiled eggs recipe
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  • How to make a soft boiled egg in the microwave
  • What container to use to microwave soft-boiled eggs?
  • How long do soft boiled eggs need in the microwave?
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Microwave soft boiled eggs recipe


  • 4 eggs
  • Salt
  • vinegar

How to make a soft boiled egg in the microwave

  • We take a deep glass bowl with a lid that we can put in the microwave
  • We put the eggs inside and cover with water, salt, and a dash of vinegar to prevent the shell from breaking.
  • We cover the glass container and put at maximum power for 1 minute and a half.

What container to use to microwave soft-boiled eggs?

Joie Microwave Egg Cooker, White, 14 cm

As you can see, making a soft-boiled egg in the microwave is very easy and we don’t really need any special container, but if you do it often you may be interested in buying a container specially designed to cook eggs or make soft-boiled eggs in the microwave .

Among those of us who have seen this model we have liked it a lot for its simplicity, it takes up little space and its operation is simple. You just have to puncture the blunt base of the egg, where the air chamber is, with a needle that is incorporated. Fill with water up to the indicated mark, put the egg inside with the hole facing up and program at maximum power between 1 minute and a half if we want it soaked in water, up to 5-6 minutes if we want it cooked.

How long do soft boiled eggs need in the microwave?

While making soft-boiled eggs in the traditional way takes between 3 and 4 minutes, depending on whether we want the white and the yolk more or less curdled, in the microwave we must reduce the time to 1 minute and a half or 2 minutes maximum to that the liquid yolk remains and does not curdle, becoming a hard-boiled egg.

Other microwave egg recipes

The  egg  is a superfood with quality proteins, with  all the essential amino acids  in the most similar proportion to human proteins. It is true that the egg has cholesterol, but also lecithin that interferes with the absorption of cholesterol itself, fat-soluble vitamins A and D in the yolk, and an interesting amount of fat; and proteins and vitamins of group B in the egg white.

There are many ways to make eggs in the microwave , for example, have you tried to make the poached egg in the microwave ? They will be perfect in no time.

If you like fried eggs , microwave fried eggs without oil are also very healthy , perfect for a low-calorie diet.