Oreo balls are a breathtaking treat made with this renowned treat, squashed and blended in with Philadelphia cheddar lastly plunged in white or dim chocolate. They are exceptionally simple to make and in actuality, they won’t fizzle assuming you set them up. What’s more, without this it is as yet not worth the effort, they are made with not many fixings!! Explicitly with three! We should perceive how to make these Oreo chocolates.

Ingredients for 25 units

  • About 32 Oreo cookies (300g)
  • 300g cream cheese, Philadelphia type
  • 400g of white, dark, milk chocolate… Your choice


Squash the treats, with the cream included. With our hands, we break them a bit and put them in a processor, blender, food processor or the instrument you have at home to crush food.
Grind until a sort of exceptionally fine coarseness remains.
Put the treat in an enormous bowl and add the Philadelphia cheddar. Blend the two fixings well with a spoon or fork.
We make little balls with the mixture. About a tablespoon in size pretty much. That they are not excessively enormous in light of the fact that since they must be washed in chocolate a short time later, they will grow somewhat more
As we finish the balls, we put them on a plate, with material paper or material paper, so the balls don’t stick.
When every one of the balls are framed, we set up the plate with the oreo balls in the cooler and leave it there for about 60 minutes
After some time, we soften the chocolate in a bain-marie, or in the microwave and wash the oreo balls well in it, individually. Do this step rapidly on the grounds that generally the balls will soften in the hot cocoa.
When each ball is washed, we return it to the baking paper. Furthermore, whenever we have wrapped up with every one of them, we put them in the refrigerator for around 3 additional, prior hours having the option to eat them.
Accordingly , we will have fresh oreo balls outwardly, because of the chocolate, and exceptionally fleecy and delicious within. You need to set them up!