If you live in Andalusia, I’m not going to tell you anything, but if that’s not the case, you’re going to love discovering this classic sandwich from the south of Spain, the Serranito, which is so important that it even has its own space on Wikipedia.

I have prepared it as a tribute to my family from the South and so that my wife and son would get to know it in its original and classic version, without sauces and with pork loin, although lately the Serranito version made with chicken , this being an also delicious option. One of these days, prepare some Serranitos for dinner at home and you will see how and how much you can enjoy it, having a sandwich for dinner.

The recess sandwich and those wonderful years


The recess sandwich and those wonderful years


For 1 people

  • Raw pork loin 2 slices
  • italian green pepper1
  • Serrano ham (sliced)two
  • Sandwich bread (Vienna)1
  • potato to fry1
  • Tomatoes0.5

How to make a Serranito, the classic sandwich from the South of Spain

Difficulty: Easy

  • total time20m _
  • Elaboration20m _

This sandwich with loin, peppers and ham is usually served on soft white bread like Andalusian vienna. We start by frying the potatoes, which will act as a garnish for our sandwich , as tradition dictates.

Then we fry the peppers, which also take a while to be ready . We put them whole in a frying pan with plenty of oil, being careful not to burn ourselves if they splash. We make them until your skin is burned and can be removed if desired. (I do).

Remember that a good trick to make the peppers very tender is to fry them with water as we tell you here. Once the peppers are fried , we remove their heads, open them and remove the seeds and reserve them. Put the slices of pork loin on the grill and cook until golden brown. Meanwhile we peel the tomato and cut a couple of slices.

We place the tomato on the base of the bread, cover with the slices of pork loin , the open green pepper and finish with the serrano ham, from which this sandwich takes its name . As a garnish we serve the fries and bring to the table.

serranito sandwich step by step